Thursday, March 24, 2016

How to Hide Files on Android

Maintaining privacy has become one of the best ways that you can do to keep data or important fil contained on your laptop or your smartphone device as well. By keeping your privacy make will minimize the loss of data or your confidential files. There are many ways to maintain privacy on smartphones that you use them using a security code that only you know to be the primary user.

Besides these ways, to secure highly confidential files for you it can be a way to hide. To hide files, there are several steps that you must do. For the first phase is carried out by using an application that you can download via Play Store. Well on this occasion will discuss about some ways that you can use to hide files on your Android device.

Here's How to Hide Files on Android

Hide Pictures Keepsafe Vault

Hide Pictures Keepsafe Vault is an application that you can use to hide the files on your Android device you are using. With this application can indeed help in hiding the various types of files such as videos, applications, photos, and contacts on your Android device. This application can you recommend as a recommendation of use to hide files. Because the image or other file that will be eliminated in your Gallery and are locked with a password that only you know. Besides being able to download a free version, you can also use a premium version with many advantages and a more complete feature. Well to try this application please download it first on the Play Store. Hide Pictures Keepsafe Vault has been downloaded more than 10 million users on Android.

Hide Pictures in Vaulty

How to hide files in Android the second is to use an application Hide Pictures in Vaulty. Not less good with the above applications, these applications also help you to hide files that you consider confidential on your Android smartphone. To display does look simple, but the features are quite comprehensive and secure in menyembunyika n various files. To use the Hide Pictures in Vaulty app, users just need to save the photo or video you want to protect. In vaulty gallery. There is a password known only to you, so that your files are safe. Hide Pictures in Vaulty been downloaded and installed reached 10 million users of Android. For those who want to use it please download it first on the Play Store.

Safe Gallery Free

How to hide files in the next Android is simply to use Safe application Gallery Free. This is an application that is also useful in helping to hide the files that you think is the secret in your Gallery. There are about three types of protection to be provided to the user such as a PIN, password, and also a certain pattern. By using sophisticated applications Free Safe Gallery, you can back up data is also useful in case if your data is deleted or lost. True to its name for this application you can download for free on the Play Store. Safe Gallery Free have been downloaded and installed up to 50 million users. To use this application, you need at least Android version 2.3 or above which has a size of only 4.9 MB. Thus was some way that you can do to hide your confidential files.


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