Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Best Android Keyboard Apps

At every touch-screen smartphone must have been equipped with the default keyboard application. It is useful to support the use of the smartphone itself. Application to the default keyboard usually have different characteristics to the same function. Although so many of them found the keyboard applications that can be downloaded and used free of charge by the users.
In the discussion this time will discuss about what are the best Android keyboard app you can use if you want to try something new on your smartphone. Applications following keyboard is certainly not less good with the default application. Well get on with it, for you who are curious about the application, see the discussion below!
The following Best Android keyboard application
Go Keyboard
Go Keyboard is one of the best Android keyboard apps that you can try to use. To try this one application you can directly download via Play Store. Go keyboard itself is very popular in the Play Store, developed by Go Keyboard Dev Team which is also a popular developer in the Play Store. Through this application users can be easy to change the theme as they wish. In addition, Go Keyboard app is also equipped with many emoji. Go Keyboard to date have been downloaded and installed up to 500 million users in the Play Store. To use these applications at least your smartphone is supported with the minimum version of Android 2.1 or above.
Google Keyboard
The next best Android keyboard apps that you can try is Google Keyboard. This application is an application made by Google, which certainly has been known for its quality. Google Keyboard itself has a simple look and certainly not telalu complicated. Google Keyboard has many features like gesture typing, emoji, and other features. Well for those of you who are curious and want to try Google Keyboard app please download it first on the Play Store. Google Keyboard apliaksi until now has been downloaded and installed up to 500 million users in the Play Store. To use this one application requires at least Android version 4.0 or higher.
SwiftKey Keyboard
Android keyboard app SwiftKey Keyboard is the next best. No less interesting with both the above applications, for this application also has many advantages in it. By using this application has a variety of themes that can be used by users. In addition, users can also enjoy other features. This application has a simple and certainly supports a variety of uses. SwiftKey Keyboard was developed by SwiftKey is also famous in the Play Store. SwiftKey Keyboard app has now been downloaded 100 million users in the Play Store.
Android keyboard applications that you can make the other choice is Swype. For these applications must also not too asingbagi among Android users. Because the application Swype offers a fairly accurate typing gesture coupled with an attractive interface and is also smooth. For those who want to try the application Swype please download it on the Play Store. Swype has been downloaded and installed over 1 million users and requires at least Android version 4.0 or higher.
Thus the earlier discussion on some Android keyboard apps that you can try to download it first on the Play Store. These applications have a wide range of advantages.



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