Monday, March 28, 2016

Best Android Wallpaper App List

For Android users must already be familiar with a wide range of applications available in the Play Store. Applications such as wallpaper is needed to replace the display on an Android device, so it will membut device has a fresh look. Until now there are many applications that provide a lot of wallpapers that are ready for use on your device. So what Android wallpaper app that you can use on your smartphone? In the discussion this time will discuss about some of the best Android wallpaper apps list.

The following list of Best Android Wallpaper App

500 Firepaper

For Firepaper 500 applications provide a variety of options outstanding images or moving images that you can try to download through your Android smartphone. The application 500 Firepaper also been integrated with 500 px sistus wallpaper providers, which certainly has been very popular. For your information to the site 500px itself a provider of photo-quality images are cool. That way you can make the display on the screen of your smartphone becomes more cool and definitely charming. The application was developed by Chainfire 500 Firepaper which until now has been downloaded and installed over 500 thousand users in the Google Play Store. To use the app 500 Firepaper, then you need at least Android operating system version 4.0 or higher with a size of only 1.5 MB only.

Cool Wallpapers HD

The next best Android wallpaper apps Cool Wallpapers HD is developed by Kappboom Inc. Cool Wallpapers HD for the application has been downloaded and installed over 5 million users Android in the Play Store. Cool Wallpapers HD for applications requiring minimal Android operating system version 2.3.3 or higher. This application has a size of only 7.5 MB only. This application can be downloaded for free and is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars. The interface of Cool Wallpapers HD is quite simple, so it will be easier for users to search for wallpaper they want. How interested in downloading it?

Muzei Live Wallpaper

Best Android wallpaper app that third Muzei Live Wallpaper is developed by Roman Nurik. For you also can use the application Muzei Live Wallpaper is almost the same as an application on top of 500 Firepaper. Because in this application provides the motion picture and auto update. To try Muzei Live Wallpaper app please download it first through the Play Store. For applications Muzei Live Wallpaper has been downloaded and installed more than 1 million users of Android in the Play Store. To try this one then you need at least Android version 4.2 or higher version with a size that is not too large: 5.2 MB only.


The next best Android wallpaper app is developed by Alphawolf Wallmax. This application is certainly equally interesting with the above applications. This application is also the right choice for you who are looking for wallpaper and attractive and superior quality images. There are thousands of wallpapers that have been provided by Wallmax which can be accessed easily and free of course. To try this one, please download it directly through the Google Play Store with a size of 6.4 MB and requires a minimum of Android operating system version 4.0.3 or higher. Wallmax been downloaded and installed over 100 thousand users through the Play Store.


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